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Millions of people suffer from flight anxiety. But there’s no need to let that keep you from traveling. FlyCalm is here to be your travel companion that ensures a calm and peaceful journey. With FlyCalm, you can integrate in-flight mindfulness and meditation while flying, and in your day-to-day life.

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In-flight Mindfulness Meditation

Want to have a relaxing flight experience every time you travel? FlyCalm is the perfect travel companion! FlyCalm helps you stay mindful while navigating the airport and staying comfortable during a flight. With its built-in mindfulness techniques, this product will ensure you remain calm and peaceful throughout your travels.

As soon as you step through the door of an airport, there’s an air of anxiousness that can be hard to combat if you don’t have the right tools.

FlyCalm offers simple exercises like deep breathing techniques and guided meditations to help pave the way for a smoother journey, even in those dreaded long security lines. Mid-flight anxiety and stress are also taken care of with this innovative product; the audio sessions will keep your mind at ease, allowing you to feel relaxed no matter how far from home you might be.

So if feeling calmer is on your list of must-haves when planning your next trip, look no further than FlyCalm! With this product, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your airplane ride will be relaxing and enjoyable, so no matter where life takes you next – let us take the edge off your trip!

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For nerves around flying, meditation and mindfulness can be powerful practices for calming the mind and building resilience. After all, it is our own thoughts that can make us dread the flight experience. With meditation, you can learn to observe your emotions more dispassionately as you increase your awareness of autopilot processes and anxiety-provoking thoughts related to the flying process.

You can gain mindful control over the stress associated with takeoff and landing through meditation techniques such as breathwork, visualization, and affirmations. With regular practice of meditation and mindfulness for flights, the preparation for flying can turn from dread into relaxation.

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With FlyCalm you will be able to minimize anxiety and stress.

  • Travelling with children
  • Sleep meditation
  • Relax your mind and feel more peaceful while flying
  • Day-to-day meditations that allows you to integrate mindfulness and meditation to improve your mental well-being.

Take advantage of flying and start making new habits.

When you step onto a plane, the possibilities for what you can do with your time are endless! One unique opportunity is to use that time to create healthy habits. Flying is the perfect chance to practice meditation – it’s a great way to stay grounded and relaxed during long flights.

Investing in yourself by developing meditative habits during these times of travel can make an immense difference in how you move through the rest of your day and life. With multiple flights throughout the year, taking advantage of those moments to boost your well-being is invaluable. Use this time between destinations as an opportunity to try new practices on your list so you arrive at each destination energized and ready for adventure!

In-Flight Mindfulness

Flying can be an incredibly stressful experience, so it’s important to take a calmer approach and prepare your mind for the journey ahead. FlyCalm mindfulness and meditations are specifically designed to provide comfort and ease. By practicing these simple techniques before, and during your flight, you can find solace in the sky and make any trip smoother than ever before. Through FlyCalm, you too can rise above the apprehension of flying and enjoy a stress-free journey.


Daily Meditations

Many of us encounter inevitable day-to-day stress that can often feel overwhelming. Flycalm provides a solution that allows us to balance our daily life stress and take control of our emotions. We offer daily meditations designed to help manage anxiety and reduce stress levels when faced with seemingly difficult situations. It doesn’t matter if you are not flying or even on an airplane – our meditations provide an excellent opportunity to hit the reset button and reconnect with yourself in just a few moments!

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Flycalm is an innovative solution for people looking to reduce their stress and anxiety. With breathing exercises, affirmations, relaxation music, and meditations tailored to help address your personal needs. Flycalm can provide you with the tools you need for managing your emotions during times of high levels of stress. It’s easy to use features make sure that anyone can access the helpful materials provided in our library, no matter how busy life may be. We offer a unique opportunity to take charge of your mental health in a way that is convenient and catered directly to you. So why not take the time to go on a journey towards controlling your anxieties and getting back on track? NOTE that there are over 100 meditations inside FlyCalm with constantly adding new ones.

FAQ about FlyCalm

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about FlyCalm.

Flycalm is the perfect solution to help manage flight anxiety and the stresses that come with it. Our meditation options provide effective mindfulness techniques tailored for flying, so you can start feeling relaxed from the minute you leave your home. In addition to meditation exercises focused on flying, we offer a variety of other meditations such as guided breathing exercises and mindfulness practices that can be used daily during challenging times and moments of stress. To feel more in control over airborne anxieties, Flycalm is here to provide you with quick and calming relief from takeoff onwards.

Flycalm meditations offer an effective way to combat flight-related stress and anxiety. You can better prepare your mind and body for flying by using meditation techniques, including mindfulness and breathing exercises. Meditations help to reduce stress levels while calming the mind and helping to increase focus. Research has shown meditation can also enhance physical health by lowering blood pressure and stress hormones and strengthening the immune system. Beyond meditation for flying specifically, meditation can improve overall well-being by promoting self-awareness and allowing users to manage difficult emotions better. With Flycalm’s daily meditation audio packages conveniently available on the platform, it has never been easier to access these life-enhancing benefits from the comfort of your home or on the go!

The science behind meditation is complex and fascinating. Studies suggest that, in addition to providing an immediate sense of relaxation, regular practice can result in increased focus, improved memory and concentration, heightened self-awareness and acceptance, reduced stress levels, and even mitigated physical pain. Neurobiological research has also demonstrated that meditation changes the brain’s structure, with participants showing increased grey matter in areas associated with healthy emotional regulation. In short, while the exact mechanisms are not yet fully understood, there is strong scientific evidence pointing toward the numerous benefits of regular mindfulness practice.

FlyCalm has made it possible to reduce stress in the air and beyond. Our unique mediation and exercise techniques can be used whenever a person feels overwhelmed or needs an emotional reset. For instance, the mindful breathing exercise can be done anywhere, anytime—all you need is your breath! Similarly, our calming visualizations can easily be practiced during any stressful situation. Whether attempting to prevent panic attacks while flying or needing a break from your everyday life noises, FlyCalm offers a variety of options for mental wellbeing regardless of location.

Mariah Shipp is an exceptionally qualified professional in personal growth, psychology, addictions, and the healing arts. With a background as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Addictions Counselor, and yoga teacher, among other qualifications, Mariah brings a range of experience to her work spanning 32 years. Her training at Heartwood Institute, Alchemical Institute, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute has prepared her to help hundreds of people improve their lives with her therapy. Additionally, her ten year tenure as owner and director of Halcyon Center for Personal Growth solidified deep expertise in helping teens in various school systems. Mariah’s depth of knowledge makes her an effective counselor in guiding clients toward living healthier, fuller lives.

The content of our course include meditations and creations from other well respected professionals like Julian s Taylor, Asheida, Cory C. and many other’s.


Here is what people are saying about our platform

I’m so glad I found FlyCalm Meditations because it has helped me stay relaxed and avoid anxiety attacks for over two months now. My mind has felt sharper and healthier since I started meditating on this app. The experience has been so pleasant that my friends and family members have also requested to try the guided meditations flying! Very happy with these mindfulness exercises and highly recommend them to all beginners and experts looking for an improved mental health.
Kent Levin
Montana, USA
I tested a few other similar apps before deciding to purchase this one. The women’s voices are very soothing and relaxing, almost angelic. I have been listening almost daily for about 2 weeks now and have noticed that I feel more relaxed and carry less tension in my body since beginning the sessions. I usually listen to the hypnotic track before bed and find I sleep better from doing so. However, it is more effective when I listen to it during the day and stay awake for the whole session. The daily affirmations and better sleep track are also wonderful. My breathing has improved, and I am able to regulate my thoughts a lot better. No way to say that this app deserves all the credit for these changes, but it is improving my overall mental and physical health.
Highly recommend this app for anyone seeking a more peaceful life and greater inner calm. Thank you!
Alyse Booe
Harrisburg, IL
This is a great app to help calm you and prepare you for a flight!! I listened to the meditations every night, and they were exactly what I needed. The voice is calm and soothing, and it’d be excellent for people who haven’t practiced meditation before; it teaches you how to unwind and get into that state!! Definitely recommend!! It helped me so much!!
Lesley Purdy
Las Vegas, NV
I’ve been meaning to meditate for a long time but have yet to find the proper meditation resources to help me stay on track. This FlyCalm mindfulness app has changed my life by introducing meditations that I would never have tried otherwise. I love the breathing and sleep meditation activities, and I really wish to try some of the other ones on this list sometime soon!
Paul Stewart
Sulligent, AL

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